Clothes and Accessories

What to Wear for that Special Event?

The Answer of course depends on which event you are attending. We have been rummaging through all the hidden places of the retail internet, looking for the most unique and interesting items. You will find our latest treasures categorized below according to event:

Bohemian and Musical Gig

It all starts with the right dress or skirt. Bohemian Chic is a must. Skirt and loose blouse (for freedom of movement) for separates or flowing one-piece dress; perhaps with a vest.



Then add some accessories. Let’s start off with Bohemian jewelry. Nothing sets the tone  like colorful and exotic rings, bracelets, necklace, and earrings.


Dancing barefoot is quite the preferred style and what could be easier than slipping off those sandals while out on the floor.


Finally, you’ve got to keep your articles together where they are convenient but not just any purse or clutch looks right. Here are some especially Bohemian selections that go well with Bohemian Chic.